Importing into Wordfast Glossary from the Welsh National Database of Terms


The Welsh National Database of Terms may be used in one of two ways: by looking up specific terms on-line, and by downloading entire dictionaries into your translation memory system.

Searching for individual terms in the Welsh National Database of Terms

  • Click on the relevant language button to choose the direction of your language search.
  • Choose the dictioanry you want to search in, or chose 'All Dictionaries' if you want to search them all.
  • Type the term you want translated into the Serach box.
  • Note that you may type in the whole term, or type in its beginning, end or any part of it.

Downloading Dictionaries

Detailed instructions on downloading for specific translation memeory applications may be found in the relevant help files. Remember that you need to read the User Licence and click that you accept it before moving on to download any dictionary.